If you've ever wondering how a helmet keeps you safe in the unlucky instance of an accident, then look no further. Simon Crafar from MotoGP has an in-depth explanation for you...

Helmet technology has come a long way since the early days. Now helmets have tonnes of features like zones to spread the impact out across the helmet and kevlar to make the construction stronger, but how does it all work? Simon Crafar explains the Arai way.

Simon Crafar has run through the construction and design in great detail of Arai helmets in the video above. Arai are one of the leaders in helmet construction and are one of main choice for MotoGP and other professional racing series. The hand made fibre-glass and kevlar outer shells are all made by hand to ensure quality and safety in the event of an accident.

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One of Arai’s main racing lids is the Profile-V, it uses a strong outer shell designed to glance off impact forces, while maintaining integrity, working with a softer one-piece multi-density EPS inner liner to absorb and spread impact energy.

Multiple WSBK champion, Jonathan Rea, uses Arai Helmets to keep his head safe while out racing.

There is plenty of info on not just the impact protection but the shape and design of the helmet to ensure safety in the video above. However, if you would like to look even more in-depth into the how the helmets are constructed, you can visit the Arai website here…

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