Check out this video to enter the mind of a man who is living every motoring fans dream life. Rev head entrepreneur, Alan Wilzig... By Graeme Warring & Christian Carlson

Imagine your wildest motoring fantasy and Alan Wilzig is living it. Check out the Willy Wonka motoring equivalent that is Alan Wilzigs everyday life. Get an insight into every motoring fans dream house in this one and a half hour video tour and interview.

For most well-heeled New Yorkers, the Taconic State Parkway just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city represents a cathartic path to peace and quiet. But for one, Alan Wilzig, the rolling hills and seclusion of Taghkanic, in Columbia County, would provide catharsis of a different kind, best enjoyed on two wheels, or four and right on the limit of traction.

Check out the full write up and tour of the Wilzig Manor compound here…

Topped out with one of the most impressive private collections of bikes, cars and other racing machines, the Wilzig Manor compound is an impressive display from a man who is living his best life. The Wilzig Manor compound also hosts a bi-directional private race track for Alan and his mates to sharpen their skills whenever they like.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many new bikes in the collection, just lots of awesome classics..

Check out the video above to see what it’s like living on one of the best properties in the world, having your own racetrack and owning some of the rarest motorcycles to ever go on sale. Graeme Warring catches up with Alan to get the full story. Grab a beer, sit down and enjoy!

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