The iconic RD400 was produced from 1975 to 1980 and is getting rare these days. Check out this immaculate resto, and the lucky owner...

The mighty Yamaha RD400 was first released in 1975 (1976 in some countries) and was the first production Japanese bike with mag wheels. The twin-cylinder two-stroke ran the quarter-mile in 14-seconds, making it just about as quick as the much bigger capacity four-bangers of the day such as the Honda 750/4 and the Z1. The RD400 also had front and rear rotors, while the 250 and 350 versions ran drum rear brakes early on.


CF Moto 650 GT


With the arrival of the RD350LC, the days were up for the RD400 in 1980 and these days they are getting hard to find…

This fully restored RD400 was imported from the UK and is a minter. Keep an eye out for a full article soon, meanwhile, check out the video and have a listen to the exhaust note!



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