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Retro Ride: The Legendary Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

By  •  September 7, 2021

I was 17 and in year 12 at high school when the first CBR900RR Fireblade was released. I had an RZ250FN at the time and I’d just started hanging out …
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Throwback Thursday: Hannspree Ten Kate CBR600RR

By  •  July 15, 2021

The 127-race veteran of WSS, 2002 WSS World Champion Frenchman Fabien Foret, was a wild man on track, going on to have some hugely successful moments in WSS and WorldSBK. …
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Ventura Bike-Pack System now available for Honda CBR500

By  •  February 17, 2021

The popular Ventura Bike-Pack system is now available for the 2019-2021 Honda CBR500R & CB500F. Ventura say the key to the system is the L-Bracket, which is made to measure to fit …
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Review: Road Test, Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP

By  •  November 22, 2020

A digit on the dashboard, glimpsed roughly a quarter of an hour into my ride, summed-up the extraordinary, arguably unprecedented focus of the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP. Is this the best …
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DNA Air Filter for MY19/20 CB500F/CBR500R/CB500X

By  •  September 14, 2020

This DNA High Performance Filter is a high quality, next generation multilayer cotton gauze, oil impregnated air filter. DNA claim that it can last the life of the vehicle! Strict …
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Tech Tips: Ventura Luggage Fitment, CBR500R

By  •  September 9, 2020

Having blown much of my savings on numerous turbocharged cars (like many mechanically obsessed young blokes), I thought it was about time to make the change from my turbocharged Forester …
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Tech Tips: DNA Airfilter fitment, Honda CBR500R

By  •  May 7, 2020

Having run aftermarket airfilters in all of my vehicles previously, it was a must-do to get one into the new CBR. DNA airfilters were the best reviewed. Here’s how easy …
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Tech Tips: Product Fitment – Oggy Knobbs Kit, CBR500RA

By  •  April 22, 2020

After spending a decent chunk of change repairing the side fairings, …
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New Product: Oggy Knobbs for 2019 CBR650R

By  •  February 19, 2020

All new Oggy Knobbs products are available for the 2019 Honda CBR650R. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, Promoto’s Oggy Knobbs take the brunt of impacts and road surface …
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New Product: Ventura Luggage for 2019 CB650R & CBR650R

By  •  November 29, 2019

The Ventura Aerodynamic Bike-Pack system, designed to be lightweight, stable and versatile is available for the 2019 Honda CB650R and CBR650R. The key to the Ventura system is the L-Bracket, …
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