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Staff Bikes: Nick’s CFMOTO 800MT, MONTH FOUR!

By  •  April 16, 2023

I’ve been cruising on the CFMOTO 800MT for four months now, and I’ve finally had a chance to test out some of the sweet upgrades I was lucky enough to …
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Staff Bikes: Nick’s CFMOTO 650MT 12-months in review

By  •  March 30, 2022

There’s something quite strange in our relationship with bikes. They’re an array of various electrical and mechanical components that come together with one real purpose – to transport us from …
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Staff Bikes: Nick’s CFMOTO 650MT, Xmas Update

By  •  January 1, 2022

With lockdowns and restrictions lifted across the NSW I’ve had plenty of time to get out and about on the bike over this last few months. In that time I’ve …
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Staff Bikes: Nick’s CFMOTO 650MT, adventure and on road update

By  •  November 2, 2021

It’s been about a month since my last check in with the 2021 CFMOTO 650MT and with NSW lockdowns easing across the state, I’ve finally been able to get out …
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Staff Bikes: Nick’s CFMOTO 650MT, life on the road so far…

By  •  October 3, 2021

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting Nick to riding within his LGA, plus having to study from home rather than ride 200km per day to Uni, the 650MT has not had as …
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Staff Bike: Project CFMOTO 650MT, Nick’s New Ride!

By  •  May 22, 2021

We’ve recently taken delivery of our second long termer CFMOTO, the first being our 650NK a few years ago. This time we’ve gone for the 650MT and plan on some …
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CFMOTO 450NK Bike Review | 2024 Model First Test

By  •  March 30, 2024

I’ve been riding the 2024 CFMOTO 450NK, the new LAMS-approved naked that’s a wicked amount of fun. This little bike is incredible value for under $8,000 ride-away. CFMOTO keeps packing …
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CFMOTO Ride Days at TeamMoto locations Announced

By  •  February 18, 2024

CFMOTO Australia is thrilled to announce a series of Ride Days across selected TeamMoto locations from February to April, aiming to bring experience to motorcycle enthusiasts by showcasing CFMOTO’s latest …
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Staff Bikes: Saying Goodbye To The CFMOTO 800MT

By  •  December 27, 2023

It’s been a year already? I’ve taken the 2022 CFMOTO 800MT on just about every terrain it can handle. We’ve had plenty of good times together and saying goodbye …
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New Model: CFMOTO 700MT Adventure Sport

By  •  October 9, 2023

Slotting between the LAMS approved CFMOTO 650MT and the hardcore adventure CFMOTO 800MT, the new 700MT looks like a great option for those wanting the convenience and size of the …
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